Time is evolving and with time technology is also changing. We cannot continue to use the same technology for years, we always expect more improvement and advancement in every sphere of life. In this world of robots, when we talk about printer machine we expect something exceptional from them as well. What makes Epson different from other printer brands is its ever-developing nature.

Recently Epson has come up with a new printhead technology known as PrecisionCore. PrecisionCore has the capability to deliver the unbeatable image quality with great speed. It has a high-density print chip which can print up to 40 million precise dots per second. This is something which you cannot expect from any other printer at present time. Moreover, you can expect it to deliver astonishing ink placement accuracy with fewer flaws. Ultimately the output you receive from this is high colored resolution, rich quality black text and better color graphics and images.

This technology is basically used in Epson Inkjet printers.

Have a look at some extraordinary features of Epson PrecisionCore technology:

  1. Speed: You can expect it to deliver renowned output quality at a higher speed. Epson print chips are considered as one of the fastest inkjet printing technology as it can fire at least 50,000 times per second.
  2. Reliability: It uses the power of piezo crystal to raise its own reliability. The piezo element can detect in milliseconds if they are firing normally or not. If it finds any issue then its self-diagnose it.
  3. Quality: The density of nozzles in almost triple in these printheads. They are around 20 microns in diameter because of which they can deliver small, round and repeatable dots of about 40 microns across. This results in sharp text and fine lines.
  4. Scalability: This is a scalable technology that can be used in both large industrial system and desktop printing. Its print chip can be arranged in both serial printhead and fixed line head configurations.
  5. Ink and Media Flexibility: PrecisionCore technology has micro-mechanical firing elements which allow more colorful and durable ink formulation.

This is not it! If you go for these printers then you can have the benefit of:

  • They incur the lower cost as compared to other color laser printer.
  • These printers use 80 percent less power in comparison to other color lasers.
  • This is the most advanced technology of Epson.
  • It saves a lot of printing time. Apart from its speed, it has automatic double-sided printing, copying, faxing and scanning.

However, these printers have fewer technical issues, but still, there are chances of some problems. When you encounter any issue with these printers then you must give us a call at Epson Printer Phone Number UK. We will help you deal with its issues and errors.